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Boosting your business's online impact is what I do. With my digital marketing and analytics expertise, I hone in on what works specifically for you. It's about getting you seen by the right people, driving more traffic, and increasing your returns. Let's make your marketing budget work harder.

Connect with me, and let's tailor a strategy that takes your business to its next digital milestone.

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Google Analytics Audiences Setup

Identify and target the right audience segments for your products and services based on user behavior.

Starting at $100.00

Google Search Console Setup

Keep tabs on how your site performs in searches and use those insights for growth.

Starting at $100.00

Connect Google Tools

By linking Google Analytics, Search Console, and Ads, we create a unified strategy for better results.

Starting at $100.00

Google Tag Manager Setup

Manage your site's tracking efficiently. It's all about making marketing tasks smoother.

Starting at $150.00

Event Configuration in Google Analytics

Track what matters on your site. This data helps tweak your marketing for better engagement.

Starting at $150.00

Comprehensive Reporting

Get clear, actionable monthly reports. Understand your website's traffic and ad performance in plain language.

Starting at $150.00

Google Analytics Setup

Identify who's visiting your site and what they want. This information is gold for tailoring your marketing efforts.

Starting at $200.00

Google Ads Account Audit

Let's assess and tweak your Ads account for better performance and higher returns.

Starting at $200.00

Google Ads Monthly Support

Keep your Google Ads sharp and effective with ongoing expertise.

Starting at $250.00

Tailored Strategy Session

Every business is unique. We'll devise a marketing strategy that aligns with your specific goals.

Starting at $350.00

Managed Google Ads Campaigns

Handle your ads with expertise - target effectively and convert more.

Starting at $500.00

Conversion Rate Optimization

Make your website a conversion powerhouse through strategic changes and A/B testing.

Starting at $500.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Got specific questions? I’m here to provide clear, straightforward answers. Reach out, and let’s ensure you have all the information you need for a successful web project.

  • What services do you offer?

    Everything from PPC with Google Ads to deep analytics setup. It's about covering all bases in digital marketing.
  • How do these services help my business?

    They put you in front of the right audience, track your website's pulse, and drive decisions that increase ROI.
  • Custom marketing strategy: What's your process?

    I start with your business goals and audience, then craft a strategy using data and market insights.
  • What's Google Ads PPC's role?

    It's your fast track to visibility. We target your ads to match your audience's searches, fitting your budget.
  • Targeting the right audience: How?

    By analyzing user data and market trends, I ensure your ads speak directly to those who matter most to your business.
  • Why Google Analytics?

    It's about understanding your audience's behavior on your site, a cornerstone for smart marketing decisions.
  • How do you handle Google Analytics setup?

    I cover everything from tracking code installation to event setup, tailored to your site's specifics.
  • What's the advantage of Google Tag Manager?

    It streamlines your site's tracking management, keeping things orderly and up-to-date.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: How does it work?

    By fine-tuning your site, we boost the chances of visitors taking the actions you want them to.
  • How do you approach conversion rate optimization (CRO) to improve my website's performance?

    I start by analyzing your website's data and user behavior to identify areas for improvement. Then, I implement A/B testing, design changes, and content optimization to increase conversions. CRO projects typically start at $500, depending on the scope of work.
  • Reporting: What can I expect?

    Monthly reports that cut through the noise. Understand your site and ad performance, and where we can improve.
  • Measuring campaign success: What's involved?

    I track the success of a marketing campaign using various KPIs, such as click-through rates (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall return on investment (ROI). By monitoring these metrics, I can continually optimize your campaigns to ensure they are delivering the best possible results.
  • What is a media plan, and how does it factor into the marketing process?

    A media plan is a strategic blueprint outlining how, when, and where your ads will be displayed to reach your target audience effectively. It factors into the marketing process by helping allocate your budget efficiently, selecting the right advertising channels, and scheduling ad placements for maximum impact.
  • How do you ensure transparency and communication throughout our collaboration?

    I believe in maintaining open and transparent communication throughout our collaboration. I will provide you with regular updates on your campaigns, discuss any changes or optimizations, and promptly address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Can you provide case studies or examples of successful marketing and analytics projects you've managed for previous clients?

    Yes, I can provide case studies and examples of successful marketing and analytics projects I've managed for previous clients. These will demonstrate my expertise and the positive impact my services can have on your business.


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